Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Posting will be erratic

Er, "more erratic" might be more accurate. The dream job has materialized! I've gotten an offer from a small, liberal-arts college and I intend to sign a contract with them as soon as it gets here in the mail (assume there are no surprises on it, and there shouldn't be).

This is all fabulous, and we're really excited. However, it also means we have to get our house ready to go on the market, sell it, house-shop in the new place (about 7.5 hours away), and move. While this happens, I need to finish up some articles I'm working on and prep new classes. The upshot is that I probably won't be getting much "fun" reading done for the foreseeable. My advice to anyone who checks this blog (hi, slowgirl!) is to sign up for a blogger account and set this blog as one that you'd like to "watch." This way, you'll get an email when I do post and you don't have to keep checking it yourself. I think blogger lets you do this? Anyone who's got more experience, please chime in.

I will still know when comments are posted because I have to clear them. So if anyone wants to post a comment, I will see it right away and can respond to any questions if there are any.

Keep reading--I'll be back to normal in a few months, I hope.



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